mercoledì 16 aprile 2014

Instructor Development Course

Hello again everyone!

It's been ages since my last post... life here is pretty hectic and i barely have the time to get some sleep, let alone blogging! :-P
These past few weeks have been extra full because of my Instructor Development Course, which finally finished yesterday... now we have a couple days to train for Specialty Courses (Deep Diving, Night Diving, etc) and then finally it will all be over on the 20th with our final exam! I'm not too worried about it; I'm confident Andy (our Course Director) taught us well and everyone will pass without any major problem.
Now i just cant wait to start teaching! :-D

I have another 5 weeks to go here in the Maldives and unfortunately I still haven't found anything certain for later on. I did a couple interviews for  marine biologist positions in two different resorts here but in both cases someone with more experience or with a higher education came along and swept the place away from under my nose :-(  The more i try this the more i get the feeling that I'll have to revisit the idea of a PhD somewhere.

 Alternatively I could just take a break for a while, get a job as an Instructor somewhere and do that while I wait for the right opportunity as a biologist to come along, which seems like the only option for now. Tourism in the Maldives is entering low season now (June to August) and the Dive Shop is pretty much fully staffed at the moment; the manager said we could talk about a possible short term contract after I pass my Instructor Examination but I'm trying not to get my hopes up. Luckily though there's the whole rest of the world to go to and this new qualification has opened a lot more doors for me so the situation is not that bad after all.

For the moment I'll just have take things one at a time as they come.. first let's get the Instructor Examination out of the way... then I'll worry about the job. Who knows, maybe something completely unexpected might turn up.