venerdì 9 agosto 2013

Bright Shiny Lights

Hey there!

As anticipated i skipped blogging for a couple days, but since you’re gonna read all these posts together, it doesn't really make any difference  :-P
As I said in the last post, the past couple days haven’t been the best weather-wise… but that hasn't stopped us from diving and snorkelling… every spare moment was a good one to go explore a new piece of reef or continue with the practical part of our different courses… Today for example I started the skill tests for my rescue diver course… they were extremely tiring but also incredibly fun to do… rescuing a drowning diver, a panicked one… towing them to shore and carrying them to safety, etc… the worst part was the search for a missing diver… that I had to do twice because Ellie was too good at hiding underwater… still, it was all good experience…

The nights haven’t been any calmer either… yesterday we all went for a night swim to see the fluorescent plankton near the shore (loads of it... too bad my camera isn't sensitive enough to get it on film), while today we went for my first ever night dive on the reef. It was fantastic! Although the visibility wasn't really good (3m-ish), I got to see a completely different reef from the one I was used to look at during the day: all the corals are exposed and their colours are way brighter than during the day… what looks like a simple rock or hard surface during the day becomes crawling with the polyps of the corals (the living part) at night, pulsating at the rhythm of the current, like any other sea organism.
It’s getting pretty late now… (23:00!), I better go to sleep… especially since tomorrow I have 2 rescue simulations and they’re gonna be exhausting to say the least… wish me luck!

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