lunedì 5 agosto 2013

Being an Emergency First Responder

First actual day on the island... alarm went off at 7.15, but I didn't get out of bed until 7.45… late.
I rushed to the bar and found everyone having breakfast already… I promptly joined in with a nice plate of eggs and rice, followed by a big platter of fruit, including that delicious white one with black seeds, of which I soon found out the name: Dragon’s Fruit.
After breakfast it was time to start studying for my Emergency First Response course… so I took my book out… and I soon found something better to do: cleaning up the resort! :-P I picked up most of the trash I found around the bungalows and I started looking around to find all the little improvements I could do to make the place more liveable: cutting down dead trees, hammering in some tactical nails, etc...  After that I had to force myself to read the manual and get ready for the practical lesson we would have in the afternoon.
The course itself was actually a refresher of the one I took when I did my lifeguard course, but still, it was fairly interesting and fun to practice (especially the simulations).
The afternoon passed pretty fast and it was soon time to eat again…yay! :-P

The next days were relatively calm for me since David started his Open Water Course and I had some studying to do before starting my Rescue Diver Course… routine was pretty much the same: early breakfast, dives, lunch, dives, studying, dinner… rinse and repeat.
The weather was good during the first couple days but lately it’s been often rainy and cloudy… let’s hope it goes back to nice and sunny soon, before my Italian tan wears off… :-P

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